Boston Pet Photographer

My name is Lois Cunniff, and I love pet photography, and I want to help capture the best photo of your cat or dog.    There are a ton of  pet photographers in massachusetts, and  its difficult to set yourself apart, but I think I have an inside advantage the sets me head and shoulders above my competition.  Unlike many pet photographers  in Boston who are photographers by trade,  and decide to offer it  along a long list of other  specialities .  I actually have the  firsthand knowledge  and experience of working directly with animals and I know how to make  that  connection with your furry friend long before I press the shutter button on my camera. In photography connection is everything,  it is the connection that gets the “oh my  God response”  when you look at a photograph.   For the past six years,  I have worked at my pet care  business full-time, and having had this experience is  actually what got me interested in photography. Over the years,  I have developed skills and techniques  which  has given me a range of shooting styles.  I can capture anything from an artsy photo, or a great action shot of your dog running at full speed, to candid shots of your  cat or dog being  themselves.  As a self-taught photographer, I think you have to work a little harder to prove yourself, but I have no problem with  doing just that.    Lastly, my goal is  to keep the session  relaxed and fun as possible for both you and your pet,  so I  never rush the session. On average a session will run 90 minutes, but if it takes long it takes longer, and you  will never be charged  for the extra time .   The cost for a full session is $200.00. If you are more than an hour from Boston please add $50.00 for travel.   I also offer mini sessions  in the Boston area only which last about 30 minutes for $75.00. Included in both sessions is a photo CD, and a free 6×6 photo panel of your favorite shot as well as discounts on additional orders.  I do custom printing in-house up to 8×10,  but enlargements are available though  a service.  If you have any questions feel free to call me directly 978 606-7655 or email

Thanks for  checking out my site.  Scroll down to view the photos. To see more photos,  or information on   custom photo gifts click on the product and stories tab above or click here

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